Owner Testimonials

Finding a good property manager takes time, research, and some luck. I am extremely fortunate that finding Susannah and her team to manage my investment properties in Gainesville, FL. If Susannah is willing, I would like to seek for her management of all my properties in all states. Her vision, strategy, diligence, and integrity distinguish her company from all others; she is a true “Superhost” for tenants, visitors, guests, and property owners.

I noticed Susannah for the first time from her Superhost Airbnb listing. She is a well-educated artist in terms of using her photography art pieces for home décor, meanwhile keeping everything tastefully simple and remaining artistically minimalism. After talking to her, I found that she is the one filled with passion in renting and managing client’s investments using her very observant business sense. She will not only protect the investment, but help it grow. Especially since I am not able to stay in FL all the time, she is the one I can count on 100% and worry-free.

 Susannah’s fee structure is very reasonable, services, including how properties are maintained and how rent is collected and managed are the best per my 20 years of rental business experiences.

As a long-term Gainesville’s resident, she knows all of the local required licenses, certifications, and government requirements. Her credentials have been recognized by the regional real estate business association and organizations, and financially endorsed by professionals and bankers. Certainly, I can trust her instincts in choosing tenant and business arrangement to maximize my profits and returns. She does try to make sure that I have a clear understanding of my responsibilities as the property owner including compliance with fair housing laws, holding harmless and cancellation clauses, monthly report, carrying adequate insurance, general liability, and property-casualty, at a minimum.

I do give my recommendations and share my personal experiences truthfully and seriously. My observations about her property management strengths: great communication, no procrastination; staying on top of everything; always positive attitude; skills and strategy to find the right tenant; passion with love and caring from God; visionary thinker; carrying long-term business strategy and goals aligned; high tenant retention and return rate; keeping expenditures low; high stratifying services feedback from tenants and property owners; decisive doer; business ambitious in good way; staying engaged and transparent; focusing on growth; super clean and tidy; highly motivated and driven; lots of dedications and perspirations; always follow-up; preventive repairs and maintenance to maintain, preserve and increase g the value of the property; well organized; smooth but not afraid of obstacles; well-connected local network and society; very proactive attitude, have a basic understanding of all the essentials and chores; well defined expectations in profits and costs; great time management; the highest integrity in faith; dependable; reliable and available responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

Certainly, I will keep investing in Gainesville, FL and let Susannah to take care everything for me!

Very lucky owner- Charles Sung from New York